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Job Description

At Ace Pointer, we are looking for enthusiastic developers to join us in solving business problems through innovation and engineering practices. As part of our passionate team of developers, you will be participating in the software development life cycle which includes the maintenance of existing code base, testing and resolving any issues that surface.

As an ideal candidate, you will enjoy contributing ideas to the projects and providing end to end solutions to complex problems. You should also be able to identify technical and migration risk prior to the start of the project and come up with suitable solutions for them.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Implementation of features based on business requirement with the consideration for future enhancement.
  • Maintain code integrity and ensure extensibility for features assigned to aid future enhancement.
  • Work together with our team of developers to come up with suitable solutions for new features.
  • Maintain code integrity and organisation.
  • Understand the implementation of security and data protection.
  • Substantial experience in test-driven development for web development frameworks.
  • Understand how to use and maintain code versioning tools such as Git.


  • Solid experience in working together with a team of various skill sets.
  • Proficient in developing in at least one of the following modern languages and framework such as:
  • Python – Django, Flask, ORM library
  • Javascript – NodeJS (Express), React (Redux), Webpack
  • Able to use React and/or Angular for UI development.
  • Display a high degree of adaptability in order to learn new technologies as needed.
  • Adequate exposure to Agile methodologies.
  • Substantial knowledge regarding different kind of relational and non-relational databases such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB.