Full Stack Software Engineer (.NET Core)


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Job Description

You will be joining a team of experienced software engineers and project managers and work on projects with an extremely high transaction volume and concurrent users, with various game and payment integrations.

You will get to work on both web, mobile applications, and backend APIs in a microservice architecture in a fully containerized and auto-scaled environment deployed on AWS. We work in an Agile manner and have a CI/CD pipeline for automated deployment.

You should be someone who enjoys automating repetitive tasks, and working out creative solutions to utilize cutting-edge technologies to ease your workloads.

Job Description 

  1. Design, develop, test, and deploy good quality code and enhancements in a result-oriented and driven Agile environment
  2. Assist Project Managers, Business Analysts and UI/UX to develop new functions and improve user experience according to customer requirements
  3. Continuous learning and improvement of skills to further enhance platform design, fix bugs and issues, and propose new best practices.
  4. Manage individual projects priorities, deadlines and deliverables
  5. If you have a passion for programming, code writing, and amazing software development – we’ll help you grow!

Technical Requirements 

  1. Familiarity with using C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET development tools to build a high-volume transactional web applications platform
  2. Experience with ReactJS or AngularJS, NPM, Webpack and other cutting-edge tools for front-end web and app development
  3. Ability to understand and operate MSSQL and NoSQL
  4. Good understanding and strong foundation of data structures and algorithms for data analysis and optimization